Computer viruses can spread to other computers in the same house?


by Alyssa
: Can a computer virus spread to another computer in the same house?

Lets say one computer has a virus & the other does not can the infected computer transfer the virus to another computer in the same home network?

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Answer by Nick

The simple answer is yes.

Answer by pythonpoole

Yes, if they are on the same network and are both vulnerable to that particular virus then it is quite possible.

There was a worm a few years back that spread like crazy, it would hit a business and then infect every PC in the building and then spread on to other businesses like wildfire.

Basically those types of worms are designed to spread as far and infect as many computers as they can. Their ‘primal instinct’ if you will is to search for as many computers on the network as possible and just keep spreading like there’s no tomorrow.

Answer by Jenner

No …The reason is cause when its on one comp. it on there not on the network

FYI its not like humans

Answer by mundhravinit

why no….

a virus is a virus.


1> avast { heared much about it }

2> avg free edition.

3> Spybot – Search & Destroy

4> online scan…

Answer by yayu

It can. It depends on what type of virus it is. If one of your programs on one computer is infected and you somehow run that program from the other computer, it will most likely spread. The virus can also come from data files which contain embedded programs. If you share such files between computers, you can spread them to other computers.

Answer by Mr. KnowItAll

“No …The reason is cause when its on one comp. it on there not on the network

FYI its not like humans”

The answer to your question is yes, as long as they are on the same network, the can be “infected” into other computers. unlike the answer I quoted. Information travels across networks in packets, and viruses can come and or attach to packets and travel to other machines in the same LAN.

Answer by Aaron

yes that can happen, often these types of viruses are called worm. However not all viruses are worms.

Answer by foxefire_120032000

Hello Sammy, the answer is ‘No’ as computer viruses and other malicious program spread from computer to computer by either downloading, opening, and installing programs that has the viruses, worms, trojan horses, etc. I am networking in my home with 2 other computers, one is a laptop and the others are desktops, one of the desktop computer one had a serious virus where it had to be taken to the shop to get it removed twice, while the laptop and the other desktop had no problems. You each has its own antivirus program installed and 2 with a store bought antivirus program and one with the Free version, it were the free version that got infected, not saying that it were because of the free version because the one that is installed is real good, but it were

‘Not’ keep updated with the latest updates or scan often. So to make a long story even longer (smile) As long as you don’t download, install or open any programs that you don’t know about or who it came from and keep each computer up-to-date with the latest updates and run a full scan at least once a week then no matter how many computer you run in a single house and are networking together they will be protected.

Answer by GoTo Guy

only if you copy any files from one computer to other.

in short, if you pug a writable media (hard disk, usb flash drive) to infected dcomputer and later the same to not-infected computer, then you are spreading viruses.

if you burn/write a cd or dvd on infected one and thereafter load it on not-infected one, then also spreading viruses.

get some good antivirus program like:

avira antivirus free personal

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